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Championship Rules

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1 Championship Rules on Fri 17 May 2013, 07:47



Every User that wants to take part of the F1 2013™ Championship automatically agrees and accept to respect the following Rules entirely, fulfilling the indications of the Administrators and Moderators.

General Information
1.1 No Assist will be allowed in this Championship. The Weather Conditions are set to Random, The Race will be % and the Safety Car is ON. Overtaking Maneuvers must be clean and without pushing the other Driver outside of the track, giving him enough space to stay in the track.
         Overtaking Maneuvers far too Aggressive / Crashes / Corner Cuttings / Blocks etc.. will be under investigation After the Race.

1.2 Every Driver has his own obligation to Record the race with any Software so that the stewards will be able to Analyze the Action and Punish any Driver if it's needed.
The accidents in the Race or Qualify Session that could have Illegal Maneuvers must be Reported. The harmed Drivers are the ones responsible of reporting the relevant complaint.
They must send the graphic evidence of The Accident in discussion to the Stewards to be analyzed.

If the harmed Driver doesn't have a Graphic Evidence of the Accident, then there's no point on reporting an other Driver, because there won't be any proof to be analyzed.

     If Any of the Drivers who have been involved in an accident will not have the Recording, they will have more chance of getting punished                      regarding the accident that happened.
     If Both Drivers that have been involved in an accident do not have the Recording, then there will be no punishment by both sides.

1.3 The Qualify Session, together with the subsequent Race, start at TIME TIMEZONE of DAY every week. It's recommended to be in the Tunngle Lobby at least some minutes before the Start to check all the game settings, proper functioning of the program Tunngle, software to record Races if you are using any, steering wheel or joystick, etc.. to avoid delaying the start of the Grand Prix.
     There is a maximum of 10 minutes of Toleration starting from TIME, so that if any of the drivers had some kind of extraordinary problem                   and said it in advance. After this time (TIME:10 TIMEZONE) the drivers who are not connected in the created Lobby to race in the Grand Prix               will not be able to compete the Qualify Session. If the Driver joins After the Qualify Session already started he has only one opportunity                      which is starting the race from Last Position without his own Setup (Game Rule).

1.4 No Driver is allowed to press the "Continue" button in the Game Lobby to start the Qualify Session. The only person with the power of doing that will be the Driver in charge of the Lobby for the corrispondent Grand Prix, and will only do it after confirmation through Tunngle that all the participants are in the game and ready for the Qualify Session to begin.

1.5 If The Game punishes with Grid Penalties for Corner Cutting, Crashing, etc.. The Penalty will be valid and the Driver will have to fulfill it.
Every Driver that exits the Pit Lane is FORCED to respect the Pit Lane's Line, even if there aren't any Cars incoming, and follow the Line till its ending. (The Game will punish anybody who does not respect this Rule)

                                                                       Qualify Information

2.1 No driver is allowed to use the "Vote to End Session" button, the Qualify Session lasts 15 minutes and nobody should try to end the session during these 15 minutes, the Session must end by time, because the Track Conditions could Improve (in case of rain) or a driver could make the Fastest Lap in the very last moment, and if you vote you could end up distracting him.

2.2 If a Driver is not doing a Fast Lap in the Qualify Session, he has to give other Drivers Faster than him Enough Space to make sure he doesn't block or slow the other Drivers down.
          Blocking an other Driver or Disturbing his Fast Lap is a Reason for Punishment.

2.3 In the case that a Driver Disconnects in the Qualify Session, and joins back in the Lobby, he will have to start the Race in last position. In the case of Multiple Disconnections, there will be a restart of the Qualify Session.

                                                                         Race Information

3.1 The Cars that appears as "Ghosts" due to connection problems must be considered as if they were solid as far as possible, to avoid unwanted crashes.

3.2 Only the drivers that cross the Finish Line will score points in the Grand Prix.
         If any driver destroys the car, suffers a disconnection or a game crash, runs out of fuel or suffers any other misadventure that prevents                      him from normally finishing the race, he will not score points.

3.3 The Backmarkers (driver at the rear end of the field also known as driver in the Last Position) have the obligation to let the Leader of the Race to pass them, giving the Leader enough Space to get through without slowing them down or blocking.
         The Backmarkers should NEVER fight for positions with the Leader of the race, or take advantage of the DRS to overtake the Leader                           (the DRS can be used, but not in an aggressive way to overtake the Leader).
         Ignoring Blue Flags is a reason of Punishment, aswell as fighting for positions with the Leader of the race.

3.4 If a driver runs out of the track for what ever reason, he must rejoin the track being careful to not disturb any other incoming driver and of course under maximum security conditions.
         If a driver results crashed and his car is on the track, he must stand still or go off the track to avoid disturbing other incoming drivers, until you            can resume driving. Always perform the action that is more secure and less uncomfortable for all the drivers.

3.5 If when overtaking the other driver results hit by us (it can happen because of the lag) you MUST let the other driver pass so that the race is more fair for everybody.
         Ignoring this rule is a reason of Punishment.

3.6 The track is delimited by 2 white lines which indicate the area allowed to drive. In case other drivers usufruct the fact that the system doesn't penalize them with corner cutting while going outside the track to gain time, they can be Reported and Punished by that.

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