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Racing Arena Forum Rules

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1 Racing Arena Forum Rules on Wed 15 May 2013, 16:56


We don't demand you to be a book writer, but we demand you to write properly, clear and in English. Avoid using SMS codes because not everyone is supposed to understand their meaning.
Writing in other languages that aren't English on topics is strictly forbidden, this is a subforum with a worldwide community, to make sure that everybody understands each other we have chosen English as the main forum language.
All though you can write in other languages through Personal Messages to other Users

ACT MATURELY, BE POLITE Remember that your opinion is only your opinion, and other people have a right to disagree with it, just as you have a right to have it.
There are a number of stickies at the top with common thread links - read them and familiarise yourself with their content.

DO NOT DOUBLE POST Has someone already posted this? Search the forums.

DO NOT BE INFLAMMATORY Political discussions can get heated - do not resort to puerile tactics to prove a point.

DO NOT BULLY OTHER MEMBERS Flaming or constant attacking will not be tolerated.

NO SWEARING Don't use any kind of open swearing at forum even if it is a joke, respect others.

NO SPAM Advertisements of other servers or internet sites are not allowed.

NO FLOOD It is not allowed to create the same posts in several forums or topics. Please, choose the best place for your post and put it only once.

NO OFF TOPIC Poster must stay on the main topic theme, don't start talking about different things that have nothing to do with the main theme.


THE SIGNATURES All signature images should have height size: 100 pxl or less. The images, that do not match this rule will be removed by the administration. Repeatedly using the large size images in signatures will be punished by moderating...


- All users of the forum accept these rules automatically after posting their first post on the forum.
- All users of the forum may not flame/swear/discriminate other users of the forum.
- All users of the forum may not bash or kick topics at any time.
- All users of the forum should consider carefully in which board they should post a certain topic.

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